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Welcome to Online Legal Resources of Madras Law Journal, Madras. The Easiest way to empower the legal knowledge with Judgements of Supreme Court of India, Madras High Court and Madurai Bench of Madras High Court. With the help of Search engine tool, You can search case laws of Supreme Court of India, Madras High Court and Madurai Bench of Madras High Court by Citation, Party Name (Case name), Case Number, Honourable Judge name, Judgement Date, Act Section wise as well Full Text of Judgement. You can search Advance Law Lexicon by P. Ramanatha Aiyer from this site also.

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MLJLibrary Solutions for: Legal, Academic, Information Analytics, Government, Corporate & Professional Labour Law Journal - Reporting cases and judgments of Labour Law Related Judgment of Supreme Court of India, All High Courts and Tribunals Madras Law Journal is available online for legal friends and other communities

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The discerning readers may have noticed that MLJ comes to their hands in a greater bulk with wider reportage every week. Just as we have been working on a format to make MLJ- reading a wholesome experience, we were reminded by an article in a city newspaper as to how the worthiest of the men of our clan, who founded MLJ literally wrested the right to publish the High Court judgments in 1892 from the unwilling English Judges. That the salvo was fired from members of Saturday Club, a society of sorts comprising of eminent vakils of Mylapore makes us feel all the more proud that we share the same profession as those great men and walk along the same corridors of court buildings that they strode by.

Here, then, is the interesting chronicle of how the first issue of the Madras Law Journal went for print and how they established the journal and their right to publish. This reprint is made possible by the benign consent of NEWS TODAY from its publisher and author.,

Read on, you will realize, as we did, that we are the torchbearers of a great tradition of just not law reporting, but a whole spectrum of activities that included bringing out books and making critiques of judgments to make for sound interpretation of laws.


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